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Eastport in the news and on the air

If you want local news, you can't do better than Eastport's own Quoddy Tides. Founded in 1968 by Winifred B. French and now published by son, Edward French, The Quoddy Tides provides everything you need to know about area goings-on, from town meetings to aquaculture, business ups and downs to real estate, and of course local festivals, music, theater and art scene events.


WSHD 93.3 fm is a community radio station operated out of Shead High School in Eastport, Maine, since 1983. WSHD presents an eclectic selection of music and entertainment for everyone.  All DJs are student or community volunteers with a passion for a wide range of musical genres. WSHD is proud to provide quality programming to our communities.

News and Stories About the Eastport Area:


The secret is out! Eastport is one of eight cities nationwide featured in the documentary film, Our Towns, based on the national bestselling book of the same name by James and Deborah Fallows. The Fallows began their exploration of Eastport in 2013 and, struck by the creativity, optimism, and strategic enterprise of our little village, began writing about their discovery in a series of Atlantic Magazine essays.



April 2021 HBO Original Documentary: Our Towns

The Atlantic Magazine:

12/16/2019    How Artists Build the Spirit of a Town

8/30/2019     Local, local, local’: How a Small Newspaper Survives

8/28/2019     The Gift of a Public Library

8/15/2019     Our Towns: Flying Downeast

1/18/2017      The End of the Journey

1/16/2017      A Big Step for Little Eastport

10/31/2016    The Ongoing Saga of Eastport, Maine

9/14/2016.     The Ebbs and Flows of Coastal Maine, Quoddy Village was built ahead of its time.

9/9/2016       Eastport, Maine: A Tiny City with a Big, Ambitious Arts Program

9/9/2016       City Makers: American Futures

9/4/2016       The World Comes to a Tiny Town: Eastport's Lesson in Globalization

9/2/2016       Eastport Update: Electric Power from the Sea

2/26/2014     There's a Reason They Call It 'Eastport'

1/1/2014        Eastport, Maine: The Little Town That Might

11/18/2013    Do You Speak Eastport?

11/7/2013      Report from Rural Maine: What It Takes to Make a School

10/25/2013   Eastport, Maine, Population 1,300

Others have found much to write about our town and surrounding communities, both before and since!


DownEast Magazine:

Oct. 2020       Covid Cruise Ship and the Maine Fishing Town

Mar. 2020       DownEast Magazine names Eastport one of the best places to live in Maine 2020

Oct. 2019        The Cruise Ships Are Coming

June 2018      Call It A Comeback

Dec. 2018       Lubec: A Town in Between

May 2015        Bold Coast Scenic Byway

The Bangor Daily News:

3/08/2020    How the British Invasion of Maine in 1812 led to Statehood

11/04/2019   In Eastport, cultural offerings bring vitality, people and dollars

7/29/2019     This company is the only one raising salmon in Maine so far, as more look to join it

1/29/2011      Local artists step up at Eastport to educate students

The Boston Globe

6/21/2018     In Eastport, sunrises and lobster


10/13/2020   Eastport Municipal Airport Breaks Ground On New Runway

7/25/2020    Abuse Survivors Share Stories in Eastport

12/30/19       Where You Can Watch An 8 foot Sardine Fall From A Building

News Center Maine WCSH

2/19/20        As the High School basketball tournament rocks on, so too do the bands

WFVX Bangor

10/13/2020  Eastport Officials Celebrate Airport Expansion

9/14/2020    COVID-19 Keeps Italian Artist in Maine

Only In Your State

1/1/2020       Open Since 1924, The Waco Diner Has Been Serving Diner Fare In Maine Longer Than Any Other Restaurant

Maine Boats

March 2021   Eastport Looking Forward, Looking Back

The Island Institute

1/24/19         Putting the “Port” back in Eastport

The Maine Travel Maven

Aug. 2012      The view from Eastport + Top 10 experiences in Down East, Maine

The Daily Beast

7/05/18         Forget Lobster, The Scallop Is The Real Seafood King

Maine, The Magazine

Oct. 2014       The Middle of Nowhere at the Center of the World

The Matador Network

April 2016      8 of the best areas in the United States for Alternative Lifestyles

The Crazy Tourist

15 Best Things to Do in Eastport Maine

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